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Rice Mill Accessory

  • Rice Mill Series Hammer Mill

    Rice Mill Series Hammer Mill

    SFSP series Water-drop type high efficiency hammer mill is the most advanced in china at present mainiy used for milling grainy materials including coru, grist and chaff ,which is featured by favorable adaptability, high efficiency,stability, safety,easy operation and...Read More

  • Rice Mill Air Lock

    Rice Mill Air Lock

    FDFY series anti-blocking airlock is widely applied to large, small and medium-sized food and feed processing factories, chemical, medicine, tobacco, metallurgy and cement industries. It can continuously discharge the powdery, granular, flaky and fider materials with its good...Read More

  • Rice Mill Series Blower

    Rice Mill Series Blower

    glass blower for the husker ,long time life ,easy setting up. no need cyclone ,directly output the husking This series of fans to fill the domestic fans within the scope of the performance of high efficiency and energy saving. Technology of this series of fan is characterized...Read More

  • Rice Mill Glass Blower

    Rice Mill Glass Blower

    The product is specially made for the single processing with simple simple processing, which requires for suction but without concentrated dust system. The machine may be used in collaboration with LT25,LT36 and LT51 rubber roll husker and de-stoner, featured with low power,...Read More

  • Rice Mill Magnetic Separator

    Rice Mill Magnetic Separator

    The applicable scope model tcxp magnetic separator has been improved in design on the basis of absorbing the advantages of the domestic and overseas magnetic separators. it mainly fits for cleaning up ferromagnetic impuritg in the raw materials in the grain, flour, forage,...Read More

  • Rice Mill Gear Box

    Rice Mill Gear Box

    gear box for the chinese gear box model husker , use some years .the gear box will not work nicely as before ,more broken rice, and not good for the rubber roller.This gear box is based on the LJZ36 gearbox,make improvement on the aspects of general structure,precision and...Read More

  • Rice Mill Emery Roll

    Rice Mill Emery Roll

    To satisfy our customers, we offer large assortment of agrOMill Emery Roller. We offer product to our patrons in recommended specifications and known for their long functional life. Customers trust us for offering quality approved and highly efficient Emery Roller. Moreover,...Read More

  • Rice Mill Plastic Bucket

    Rice Mill Plastic Bucket

    Raw materials and finished products conform to the national food hygiene standards,For material without any pollution:Applied to gravity or hybrid discharge mode of hoist,Large amount of ascension:Hoist speed≤2.5m/seconds. Applicable to the gravity and centrifugal force...Read More

  • Rice Mill Polyester Belt

    Rice Mill Polyester Belt

    A high performance of belt is suitable for food processing industry.Main characteristics of stretching force is small, high tensile strength, bue to ascend.Skeleton synthetic fiber rubber canvas material selection, USES low shrinkage polyester warp and weft to nylon, and...Read More

  • Rice Mill Stainless Steel Screen

    Rice Mill Stainless Steel Screen

    High quality imported materials, unique technique and precise (hole shape) design, casting the exceptional performance of this product. The unique technology & heat treatment, of economic strength and toughness, long service life. To reduce broken, chaff is clean, not...Read More

  • Rice Mill Series Motor

    Rice Mill Series Motor

    This series motor is set a little bit of similar products at home and abroad, low noise, small vibration, wide speed range. Motor adopts squirrel-cage structure, reliable operation, maintenance is convenient.Equipped with independent cooling fan, under different rotational...Read More

  • Rice Mill Moisture Testing

    Rice Mill Moisture Testing

    Grain moisture meter rapid, accurate, convenient, ac/dc power supply with 2, highlight backlit LCD, clear power-saving, multi-point calibration, error correction, low-power, automatic shutdown, automatic weighing and temperature compensation, unit weight conversion displayRead More

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