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Rice Machinery: To Deep Processing Of Comprehensive Utilization
- Oct 28, 2017 -

With the private capital into the field of rice processing machinery production, the original state-owned grain machine factory began to gradually transfer to private capital. These grain machine factory independently developed a variety of new equipment, large and medium-sized rice processing plants in the general application of the main equipment with vertical rice milling machine, low temperature or rice machine, rice polishing machine, rice drum selection machine, rice color selection Machine, gravitational grain roughing machine, brown rice selection machine, rice fresh packaging machine, rice bran extruder, low crushing hoist, rice device and so on.

However, in the face of advanced technology development capabilities of multinational companies, China's long rice processing machinery enterprises, weak capital, poor research and development capabilities, has become an important factor in the development of enterprises.

Some experts said that with the further improvement of the dietary structure of our residents, China's rice processing industry will further increase the intensity of technological upgrading.

"In the future to focus on the development of high-quality rice finishing, attention to the processing of fine grinding, quenching and tempering, finished product finishing technology development and application, and vigorously develop rice bran and other by-product oil and other uses, to higher than rice, Rice, broken rice deep processing, rice additives and rice husk, rice bran comprehensive utilization of five series of product development to support a reasonable scale of enterprise development. "The experts said.

State Food Bureau official said, to actively use biotechnology and modern separation technology, the development of deep rice products and high value-added products processing technology, application of information and automation technology, development of a number of advanced rice processing equipment.

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