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Principle Of Rice Milling
- Jul 25, 2017 -

The effect of the erasure is from the relative motion between the grain wall and the grain. The cortical and endosperm binding force is less than the friction force, the cortex will be pulled off and erased, brown rice face with white. 

However, this friction force is not greater than the structure strength of the endosperm, to ensure the integrity of the rice. In order to achieve the goal of the best of both worlds, it is suitable for high intensity, soft brown rice processing, and for the strength of fragile brown rice, it is easy to cause rice. The grinding force mainly comes from the high-speed rotation between the inner roller and the outer cylinder and the sand blade on the surface of the Emery grains, and the brown rice, as the interlayer, is constantly being milled in the chaotic process, which causes the cortex to rupture, fall off and brown rice to grind white. 

The characteristics of this kind of milling are: small pressure, High line speed, centrifugal acceleration, it is suitable for weak strength, hard surface of brown rice processing, broken Although the rice is less, beige is dark, less bright, and easy to appear uneven. Two kinds of milling each has the merit, in practice most two kinds of grind white use, the advantage and disadvantages, in order to achieve the good effect. For example, the horizontal roller mill used in our country is a mixed milling machine, with high rate of rice, low rice, large output and beautiful beige.