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Paddy De-Stoning Machine
- Aug 29, 2017 -

Basic Info

Product Description

Trademark: SUPERLIN


China Paddy de-stoning process is mainly to eliminate the sundries like grass seeds,rice husksand paddy insects, the stones, clod and sand from the paddy. It is to further clean the grain and prepare for next processing. Gravity Classification Destoner is dedicated to clean grains by removing the stones. It is the de-stoning machine designed by absorbing the domestic and international advancedtechnology and integrating the grain processing practices of our country. It is the kind of novel destoner with roll cleaning, stone removing and dust controlling.It is best to eliminate the stones from paddy and rice.

Feature:It has two parts: cleaning and de-stoning: Cleaning part removes all materials that deviates from the size of the grain kernel like straw, strings, small seeds which are light and effectively extracted by sieving.De-stoning is mainly to remove any additional stones.

Efficient cleaning, high output, easy operation, good appearance, stable  performance, lowconsumption, light weight, low noise and no dust pollution.