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Nutritive Value Of Rice
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Rice contains about 75% carbohydrates, protein 7%-8%, Fat 1.3%-1. 8%, and contains rich B vitamins and so on. The carbohydrates in rice are mainly starch, the protein is mainly rice gluten, followed by rice gel protein and globulin, the protein of the bio-price and amino acid composition ratio is higher than wheat, barley, millet, corn and other cereal cereals, digestion rate of 66.8%-83.1%, but also a higher cereal protein.

Therefore, the edible rice has the high nutritive value. But the content of lysine and threonine in rice protein is less, so it is not a kind of complete protein, its nutritive value is inferior to animal protein. But eating rice at lunch and dinner is more beneficial for people to lose weight than pasta. In southern China, people generally eat rice as a staple food, but in the north there is a big difference.

The fat content is about 9%, its fat contains the linoleic acid content to be high, generally occupies the total fat 34%, compared to the Lai seed oil and the Camellia oleifera 2-5 times respectively.

Wo (millet), rice, millet (sorghum), wheat, beans (beans) called "grain." (rice is unprocessed rice).