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Modern Milling Process
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Valley: Rice peel off the chaff process called "valley", paddy rice peel off chaff called it "brown rice", brown rice for the light brown, used to peel off the chaff machine called "Valley Machine."

 It is impossible to get brown rice completely, the grain and brown rice mixed together called it "the Valley roughness mixture". Valley Roughness Separation: The process of selecting grains and brown rice by separating the "rough mixture" is called "Valley roughness Separation", and the machine separating the grains from brown rice is called the "Valley roughness separator". Grind White: Grinding the outer skin of brown rice with a grinding wheel, removing the pale brown layer (cortex and germ), making brown rice into a white rice called it "rice" or "rice", and the pale brown powder that is crushed is called "bran powder" and the process of milling brown rice into rice is called "milling". The machine used to grind brown rice into white rice is called a rice mill, and the grinding wheel in the meter machine is called "Sand roller". 

Polishing: Polished white rice surface is called "fine rice" or "polished rice", polished rice into a bright rice process called "polishing", polished white rice machine is called "polishing machine." Modern rice milling usually has another generation of workers, for example, during Taiwan's Japanese rule period, the soil is 0 fine units of rice mills in the countryside. Among them, the soil is the rice-milling mortar.