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Milling Machine Market Trends
- Nov 06, 2017 -

China Milling Machinery upstream of the manufacturing sector for the power components, standard parts, electrical parts, machining parts, steel production industry, the downstream for the rice processing industry.

The impact of the upstream industry

Milling machinery manufacturing industry's main procurement content for the power components, standard parts, electrical parts, machining parts, steel. Upstream industry technical level, supply capacity, price fluctuations on the operation of the industry have a certain impact. The development speed of China's steel industry is relatively stable, which can provide adequate supply of steel for the industry. Although the supply of steel products is abundant in recent years, its price volatility is relatively large. As its downstream industry, the milling machinery manufacturing industry is greatly affected by it.

Power accessories, standard parts, electrical parts, machining parts of the technical level, processing accuracy of the industry has a greater impact on product quality. China's power accessories, standard parts, electrical parts, machining parts to enhance the technological level faster, has formed a complete range of industry systems, the industry more to choose from.

The impact of downstream industries

As rice processing enterprises gradually move toward large-scale and group-oriented businesses, they will pay more attention to the comprehensive utilization of rice resources, product development and quality brand awareness. The worldwide rigid demand for rice and future national policy direction, the trend of market development will certainly bring unprecedented opportunities for the development of milling machinery manufacturers, and will promote the industry's product mix adjustment and upgrading. At the same time, with the increasing demand of downstream enterprises for the quality of milling machines, their products have also put forward higher requirements on the quality and supporting services of milling machines.

However, as a whole, most small-scale rice milling machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country are small-scale and lack of R & D capability and do not have the production capacity of some high-tech equipment. In the future, they will face fierce competition and will be phased out.

Large-scale rice processing industry invested heavily in the acquisition and updating of its production equipment, the demand for milling machinery is more robust. In order to meet the increasing demand for equipment and the ever-increasing technical requirements of large-scale rice processing enterprises, R & D investment in China's rice-milling machinery manufacturing industry has been increased. In particular, the engineering design of complete sets of processing equipment has been perfected day by day and a batch of technical contents Higher, larger, and a certain set of equipment manufacturing and installation capacity of milling machinery manufacturing enterprises. With the advent of such enterprises, the overall technical level of China's rice milling machinery manufacturing industry has been greatly improved to better meet the development needs of the domestic rice processing industry.