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Ingredients Of Rice
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Y-oryzanol----Skin whitening

Rice unique ingredients, known as "Beauty", is a plant line of melanin inhibitors, mild nature, no side effects, can reduce the activity of melanin cells, inhibit the formation of melanin, operation and diffusion, alleviate pigmentation, fade butterfly spots, static complexion. At the same time, can reduce the capillary brittleness, enhances the skin peripheral blood vessel circulation function, thus prevents the skin to be cracked and improves the skin color, causes the skin to bloom the natural embellish white ze.

Rice sterol (Oryza sativa)-----water-locked

Has a high permeability to the skin, can maintain the soft and moist cells, effectively maintain the skin surface moisture, because of their own sufficient moisture, so that in a short time to let the cutin water filling, so that the elastic fiber and collagen protein in the water-filled environment, the skin is more moist and more flexible. Rice sterol can also promote skin metabolism, inhibit skin inflammation, can prevent sunburn erythema, skin aging.

Procyanidins (OPC)--against skin aging

is internationally recognized in the past 2011 years to remove the most effective free radicals natural antioxidants, Europe is called anthocyanins for youth nutrition, skin vitamins. It restores collagen activity and makes the skin smooth and resilient. Anthocyanin not only helps to form cross-linked structures of collagen fibers, prevent the degeneration of collagen fiber and elastic dimension, keep the elasticity and tension of skin, avoid sagging and wrinkles, also help to recover wrinkles and premature aging of skin caused by injury and free radicals, which is more flexible and vigorous, full of youthful mien.