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Complete Set Rice Mill Machine
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • complete set rice mill machine

  • Single Milling Machine: Husker,Vibratory,Paddy Separator,Whitener

our company has strong ability in the engineering design.installation and services.the variety and pertinery of products meets the customer's chracteristic request well,and we provice more advantanges and successful opportunity for the customers.strengthen their competition in business.

It's equipped with a improved efficient combinations sieve to save floor space,saving investment.reduce enerygy consumption.

It's equipped with a low temperature whitemer.two times turn white.high precision.small increase in broken,lower energy consumption per unit of production.competitive and high efficiency.

It's equipped with enhanced polishing machine.which make the rice shining brilliantly feel fine,high-grade.

The complete set of equipment arrangement is compact and beautiful,It's convenient to operate and workshop space for customers.

All spare parts made in factory.versatility.high quality in materials.beautiful and durable.

The installation mode can be steel framed or concrete flatbed accroding to customer requirements.

complete set rice mill.jpg