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Working principle of grinding machine
- Jul 25, 2017 -

The powder machine uses the disc revolution, the grinding axis rotation, the spring to adjust the rod mill roll Assembly structure, strengthens the grinding roller skin to the material extrusion strength and the shearing ability, thus achieves strengthens the flour mill the effect, has the output high, grinds out the material fineness high (powder fine), old-fashioned mills can be dried continuously (not more than 24 hours in continuous working hours), because the bearings in the old roller assembly are used with grease (the grease must be stopped and raised in 24 hours, so it cannot exceed 24 hours). 

But the new is the use of lubricants (commonly known as oil) due to the use of the longest boot time can reach the entire mill roll of one life cycle downtime to replace the grinding roller and lubricating oil inspection (need to replenish some lubricants)

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