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Use and maintenance of combined rice mill
- Dec 06, 2017 -

Use and maintenance of combined rice mill

Small complete sets of modular rice milling unit can be processed into a one-time rice into refined white rice, suitable for small farms, rural food processing plants, large grain farmers and specialized households operating agricultural use, with a high rate of rice, broken rice, energy saving and safe operation And other characteristics of the equipment in Hunan Chenzhou, Shandong Yutai, Mianyang, Sichuan and other more than 10 manufacturers, mainly by the double elevator, cleaning sieve, go to miscellaneous stone machine, plastic roller Cheya machine, Valley rough separator and rice Machine and other stand-alone combination. The use of the main points are as follows: Installation and inspection of equipment installation and milling process. The unit should be installed smoothly, the drive shaft should be in a horizontal state; the meter screen should be kept flat, the joint should be left with a gap of more than 2 mm; the connection and the fixed parts should be no loose; belt tightness should be moderate, hand drive belt should be rotated Flexible and no lag; the lubrication parts should be oil on the chart (oil), in order to maintain good lubrication. After the above inspection no abnormalities, the closure of the switch, empty machine running for 2 to 3 minutes, and then the production. Process. The rice is poured into the inlet hopper and transported to the cleaning sieve and the stone removing machine by a hoisting machine to remove the debris and the gravel therein. The rice is then delivered to the rubber roller shaving machine for shelling by the double elevator, Out of the machine, Valley rough mixture and then transported to the rough by the elevator separation screen for screening. Unhulled hairy rice returned to the shredder, brown rice into the rice milling machine. In the grinding white room, brown rice by the white and wind blowing fine bran as finished product outflow, bagging Serve commodity rice. Pulverized rice bran was blown by the fan to gather room collection and storage.