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Two key technologies of rice milling
- Nov 30, 2017 -

Two key technologies of rice milling

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Grain harvesting after the need to be milled rice to be used by us, the quality of rice milling directly determines the quality of rice with the market price. Then there are two key techniques that need attention when using rice milling machine.

1, rice milling technology

Rice milling technology is the key to choose a reasonable grinding process and advanced rice machine. Practice has proved that the rice milling process of choice three mill white rice milling process is more reasonable, regardless of grind rice or indica rice can adapt, and three machine grind white process with two sand iron to better ensure product quality, especially conducive to improving Road rice polished effect and quality. According to the mechanism of rice milling, rapid light crushing can reduce the crushing, but also to ensure that the rice grain surface does not produce due to grinding caused by the depression marks. Large diameter vertical roller mill is a type of rapid light grind, to reduce the increase of broken, keep the rice grain surface smooth than the horizontal sand roller rice machine better. For grain slender indica rice, the choice of vertical sand roller rice more appropriate.

Whether vertical rice mill, or horizontal rice mill grind white, must follow the principle of multi-light grinding, to maintain uniform peeled, grain formation, increase the rate of broken low. Vertical sand roller rice mill generally used two or three series mill white, horizontal rice mill rice mill white with two sand iron three mill white process more appropriate. Do not blindly chase the White Road number. Grinding white too much, not only will increase the power consumption of grinding white, and will have over grinding phenomenon, resulting in a decline in the rate of rice.

2, white rice polishing technology

The purpose of polishing rice, can be summarized into three aspects: 1. Clear rice bran performance floating, so smooth and delicate rice performance, improve the appearance of rice sensory quality, improve the value of rice merchandise; 2. To extend the shelf life of rice, rice to maintain the Freshness; 3. to improve and enhance the quality of rice, so that the taste of rice refreshing, slippery.

At present, most types of polishing machines produced in China are hard to meet the requirements of the above three aspects. Generally, they can only play a role of brushing machine to remove floating bran on the surface of rice grains and can not reach the effect of pregelatinizing and gliding on the surface of rice grains. How to make the rice polished, resulting in rice starch surface pre-gelatinization and gelatinization, depends entirely on the rice polishing process of water and heat or add food aid role. Hydrothermal effect, nothing more than in the process of rice polishing machine friction generated by the external and external water added to the hydrothermal effect, or all rely on polishing machine outside the water and heat generated by the hydrothermal effect. Practice has proved that all of the above two hydrothermal effect polishing machine can achieve a good polishing effect.