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The use of small complete sets of modular rice milling units
- Dec 07, 2017 -

The use of small complete sets of modular rice milling units

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Small complete sets of modular rice mills can be processed into rice one-time into refined white rice, suitable for small farms, rural food processing plants, large grain farmers and specialized households operating agricultural use, with a high rate of rice, broken rice, rice is good, the province is good Electric and operational safety features, the device mainly by the double lift, clean the sieve, go to miscellaneous stone machine, plastic roller 砻 Valley machine, Valley rough separator and rice mills and other stand-alone combination of

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1, equipment performance parameters

⑴ productivity (kg / h) 600-700

⑵ supporting power (kW) 16.85 (4 motor)

⑶ clean sieve speed (r / min) 140

⑷ valley machine speed (r / min) 1200 (fast roller), 890 (slow roller)

⑸ Valley rough separation sieve speed (r / min) 150-165

⑹ Milling roll speed (r / min) 1300

⑺ line speed (m / s) 1.5

⑻ machine length, width and height (mm) 2860,1980,2700

2, installation and inspection

The unit should be installed smoothly, the drive shaft should be in a horizontal state; the meter screen should be kept flat, the joint should be left more than 2mm gap; the connection and the fixed parts should be no loose; drive belt should be moderately elastic, hand drive belt should be flexible No jamming; the lubrication parts should be oiling on the chart (oiling), in order to maintain a good lubrication. The company is located in:

After the above inspection no abnormalities, closed switch, empty machine run 2-3min, and then enter the official production. The company is located in:

3, the process of rice into the import hopper, transported by the elevator to clean the sieve and go to the stone to remove the debris and gravel, and then by the double lift conveyor to the roller stone machine for peel, rice The shell is blown out of the blower by a fan, and the roughage mixture is conveyed to the coarse separation sieve through a hoist for screening. Uncooked hairy rice back to the stone machine, brown rice into the rice milling machine. In the grinding white room, brown rice by the white and wind blowing fine bran as finished product outflow, bagging Serve commodity rice. Pulverized rice bran was blown by the fan to gather room collection and storage. The company is located in:

Milling units use points

1, clean up the use of some of the main points

⑴ clean sieve body should be smooth, intact, smooth operation, no abnormal sound. The company is located in:

⑵ pay attention to check the operation of the food contained in the sieve under the situation, such as food too much, should identify the cause and correct it. The company is located in:

⑶ blocked when the mesh, not with iron or hard beat, available long plate brush to remove clogging; rupture of the screen surface should be promptly repaired or replaced. The company is located in:

⑷ Fan operation should be no collision sound. After feeding, check the raw materials of stone, miscellaneous row of stone, miscellaneous conditions, such as gravel in the food too much, should identify the cause and exclude it. The company is located in:

⑸ to the stone sieve and the damper should be kept smooth, the sieve plugging wire brush cleaning, do not beat, so as not to damage. The company is located in:

⑹ Adjust the eccentric rotation mechanism, to release the rubber mat fastening device, tune and then tighten, so that it is in no pre-stress state. The company is located in:

2, 砻 Valley part of the use of points

⑴ rolling distance compression spring length should be 125mm, if the spring compression too much, so that the pressure between the rollers is too large, not only grain broken more, and roll loss faster. In addition, the rubber roller spacing should be between 0.5-1.0mm, and the roller no movement, shaking, grinding and other conditions, operation should be flexible. The company is located in:

⑵ open the hopper flapper start feeding, slowly turn the flow control handle, the unit to achieve rated productivity. The company is located in:

⑶ adjust the roll, the shelling rate of 85%, if the lower adjustable roll spacing. The company is located in:

⑷ adjust the air volume, so that rice husk, 秕 Valley, brown rice fully separated. If the brown rice contains rice hulls, should be the amount of wind. Husk export tube shall not exceed 5 meters, otherwise rice husk will discharge poorly. The company is located in:

3, Valley rough separation system use points

⑴ In order to adapt to different grain length of rice processing, the unit is equipped with two kinds of specifications of the sieve, when selected according to grain length to decide. The company is located in:

⑵ boot and shutdown a few minutes before the net rough quality can not be guaranteed, should be part of the rough return to the separation sieve separation again. The company is located in:

⑶ each screen surface should be maintained at about 2 ° angle. If you find that every kilogram of net brown rice contains more than 40 grains, separation of sieve should be adjusted, speed or tilt to be adjusted. The company is located in:

⑷ production should always pay attention to the smooth operation of the screen body, if found shaking, the transmission and the rack should be checked and fastened. The company is located in:

⑸ production voltage should be maintained between 360-400V. The company is located in:

4, Milling part of the use of points

⑴Check the fasteners, adjust the mechanism and transmission mechanism before starting the machine, check whether there is any foreign matter in the machine, and then turn the rice milling machine manually to confirm the flexible operation. The company is located in:

⑵ rice mill started, the need to be operating properly before production. When the rice accuracy is high or low, you can adjust the discharge pressure gate pressure or a small amount of adjustment knife to make rice accuracy requirements. The company is located in:

⑶ operation at any time to observe whether the increase in broken rice, rice bran in whether the whole rice, rice machine output is stable and so on. The company is located in:

⑷ shut down when the first shutting the door, and then reducing the pressure of the discharge gate, so that do not meet the accuracy requirements of the rice back into the hopper. The company is located in:

5, bucket elevator use points

Single and double bucket elevator is responsible for the delivery of raw materials, net rice and the return of the mission. Boot machine, such as hoist belt slippage, fighting do not move, indicating the elevator jam or belt too loose, you should clear the jam or tighten the belt. The company is located in:

Milling unit maintenance points

1, lubrication

Fixed-point lubrication parts of the bearings, the lubricating oil or grease to adequate, clean, lubricating grease quality and grade to meet the requirements; according to the provisions of time (general operation about 3 months) to clean the bearings and oil change; Bearing temperature should be checked Ming reason. The company is located in:

2, check

⑴ grinding white room assembly of the parts should be kept flat and smooth, pressure sieve bar and rice knives should be kept flat. The company is located in:

⑵ rice contains more bran, it should stop checking. Milling machine shaft can be pulled out, check the sand roller and rice machine spindle is offset, that sand roller nozzle and the spindle nozzle holes are aligned; Check the spindle nozzle holes fine bran accumulation, leading to the nozzle holes blocked. The company is located in:

After the abrasion of the sand roller, the gap between the sieve and the sand roller increases, and the rice knife needs to be adjusted to make up; when the sand roller is worn to reduce the radius by 5-10 mm, it should be replaced. The company is located in:

Milling unit common fault

1, rice machine jam, production decline

main reason:

① feed is too large, the discharge port pressure is too large or too small discharge port;

② the discharge port was blocked by rice bran, the reason may be belt slip, roller wear or rice knife mill damage;

③ raw water is too high or spiral head wear, loose. The company is located in:

2, rice with rice, broken rice too much

main reason:

① broken rice screen or joint gap is too large;

② conveying head and sand roller joint uneven sand roller surface is not smooth;

③ rice machine exports poor;

④ knife is too thick, the distance between the roller and the knife is too small;

⑤ speed instability. The company is located in:

3, the sudden surge of current

main reason:

① imported broken material, pressure door failure, broken rice screen, rice sieve bracket fracture;

② into the foreign body or feed into the machine is too large;

③ outlet pressure failure, rice sieve blockage, poor row of rice bran;

④ tube or tube bran pipe blocked;

⑤ power phase. The company is located in:

4, rice accuracy does not drop, uneven white rough

main reason:

① rice knife wear;

② too little feed or discharge port pressure is too small. The company is located in:

5, the body vibration, bearing hot

main reason:

① roller or pulley imbalance;

② anchor bolts loose;

③ bearing oiling too much or lack of oil;

④ too dirty oil. The company is located in:

6, there are abnormal sound

main reason:

① roller loose or broken;

② the machine fell into foreign body;

③ bearing and seat damage;

④ belt slippery;

⑤ nut loose.