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The history of Rice milling
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Before the 70 's, the farmers in the mountainous areas ate rice, which was crushed by stone. The Nian consists of three parts, which are milling, milling gun and roller. A groove is connected by a plurality of curved stone grooves into a large circle, the gun is made of two stone discs formed of a wheel shaped by a hard rock, which is then embedded in a roller trough by a sturdy straight wood from the center of the grinding ring, and the control of the gun is always running around the mill. Grind gun to pull by the ox. When milling, the rice is evenly poured into the groove, and then driving cattle, people sitting on the roller whiplash drive cattle, cattle go gun move. The roller grinds the rice continuously in the trough, until the shell breaks out the rice chaff into fine powder. In this way, a trough of rice will be cooked. Some before milling with squeaked to grind most of the chaff, can shorten the milling time, but also reduce rice. Generally one trough can grind 330 kg gu. Time is about two or three hours. Stone Grind not every household has, general two or three of a house altogether a nian. The Nian is usually located at the centre of several housing estates, farther away from the household, for the convenience of several people in the housing estates. Nian surrounded by trees are generally covered, lest the summer rice milling when the sun exposure. In the last century, the 60 's food is issued by the production team unified on time, rice milling work more concentrated, farmers to rob Nian, often to three sleep in the middle of the night, otherwise it may be hungry a few days belly.

Decades have passed, Nian early with the development of science and technology into the depths of history, the scene of the rice milling is only in the dream to reproduce, the bitterness of milling and Gan now children are not realized. They eat shiny machine rice, do not know how to come to rice, and do not understand the difficult food. So I often told them about the story of the young rice, telling them to remember the teachings of the Ancients: Who knows that the dish of Chinese food, grains are hard.