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Spraying rice mill and hollow roller mill in germ rice machine
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Spraying rice mill and hollow roller mill in germ rice machine

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Spraying rice mill and hollow roller mill in germ rice machine

Grinding roller mill in the germ milling machine, using a hollow iron roller, the hollow roller, made of thick-walled seamless steel pipe, open a shallow groove in the roller surface and install spiral steel, processed steel by After heat treatment, the surface wear-resistant, long service life. Grinding roller according to the grinding principle, through the roller surface of the role of the spiral roller grind on the brown rice surface, to remove the purpose of brown rice cortex, and can achieve the uniform rolling of rice in the rolling mill purposes; In addition, grinding white room pressure is small, Therefore, the collision, tumbling are more moderate, is conducive to preserving germ, bran distribution better. Air blowing through the air supply mechanism, by the roller head into the wind, shallow slot wind, can reduce the grain temperature during grinding white rice, for higher moisture content of rice, can accelerate the evaporation of water, help maintain good rice The cross section of the hardness and less broken rice, while reducing the whitehouse temperature, rice bran is not easy to paste sieve; spray can enhance the rolling of rice grain, help to improve the uniformity of grinding white, to prevent over-crushing rice, reducing the rate of broken rice, and Conducive to germ protection.

As a germ rice machine, it is hoped that the rice grains will not tumble in the white space, but this is not conducive to even milling. Gap, the possibility of tumbling rice increases, the gap is small, limiting the rice tumbling, rice is easy to orderly movement, so grinding white should not be large gap. According to this factor, the polygonal mesh is not suitable for the germ rice machine. Due to the inconsistent grinding gaps of the polygonal mesh, the brown rice is excessively squeezed at a position where the milling space is small so that the stress exceeds that of the rice Bio yield strength, grinding white space in large places, the rice was violent collision, so easy to fall off the germ, and produce a lot of broken rice. Therefore, the small round with a sieve.