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Specific gravity stone machine
- Sep 30, 2018 -

The specific gravity stone removing machine uses different proportions and aerodynamic properties of impurities such as stones, bricks and mud blocks with the same grain size and particle size. The equipment for removing these impurities is composed of a vibrating body, a supporting device, a suction system and a rack. The vibrating body is provided with a slate, an excitation device, a feeding device and a selection device, and the slate is divided into pre-partitions, separation sections, gathering sections and selected sections according to different functions of the sections.

The section of the selected section is a woven screen surface, which is made of a circular or square-section steel wire of about 1 mm. The size of the hole can be semi-embedded with grain and stone and cannot slide on the surface. Role: stone, mud and some grain at the same time into the selection section. Under the action of the selected section backflushing air, the grain is blown back to the gathering section, and the stone and mud are discharged from the outlet after passing through the selected section, so that the grain and the shoulder stone and the shoulder mud can be separated, and the net grain is removed by the slate. The low end of the discharge, the stone is discharged from the high end of the slate.