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Shaker main role
- Dec 23, 2017 -

Shaker main role:

Vibrating screen is the use of vibrator vibration generated by complex rotation type work. The upper rotating hammer of the vibrator makes the sieve surface have a plane gyration vibration, while the lower rotating hammer causes the sieve surface to produce a cone-shaped rotating vibration. The effect of the combined action makes the screen surface produce a complex swirl vibration. Its vibration trajectory is a complex space curve. The curve is projected in the horizontal plane as a circle, while the projection on the vertical plane is an oval. Adjust the upper and lower rotating hammer exciting force, you can change the amplitude. The adjustment of the upper and lower hammer space phase angle, you can change the shape of the screen surface movement trajectory and change the screen surface movement of materials.

Category Description:

Vibration screening equipment can be divided according to the weight of use: mining vibrating screen, light fine vibrating screen, vibrating screen machine

Mine shaker can be divided into: high efficiency heavy-duty screen, self-center shaker, elliptical shale shaker, dewatering screen, round vibration screen, shaker (4 photos) Banana screen, linear shaker.

Light fine vibrating screen can be divided into: vibrating screen, linear screen, vertical screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, filter screen can refer to the series of vibrating screen.

Experimental Vibrating Screen: Slapping Screen, Top Vibrating Screen Machine, Standard Test Screen, Electric Vibrating Screen Machine etc. Please refer to the lab equipment.

According to the shaker material track can be divided into:

According to the linear motion path points: linear vibrating screen (material in the screen surface to make a straight forward movement)

By circular motion path points: Circular vibration sieve (material in the sieve surface to do circular motion) Structure and advantages

By reciprocating motion trajectory points: fine screening machine (materials in the sun to do forward reciprocating motion)

Vibrating screen is divided into linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, high-frequency vibrating screen. Shaker according to the type of vibrator can be shaken into single-axis shaker and biaxial shaker. Uniaxial vibrating screen is the use of single unbalanced re-vibration sieve box vibration, sieve surface tilt, sieve box motion trajectory is generally circular or oval. Biaxial vibrating screen is the use of synchronous counter-rotating double unbalanced gravity excitation, the screen surface level or gently inclined, sieve box trajectory of a straight line. Shaker with inertia shaker, eccentric shaker, self-center shaker and electromagnetic shaker and other types.