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Separation of glutinous rice and alfalfa
- Sep 25, 2018 -

The resulting net valley will be cleaned for further processing. The main processes are as follows:

Shibuya Remove the rice shell, reduce the grain blast and the damage of the skin, try to keep the brown rice intact. Commonly used equipments include rubber roller smashing machine, sand tray smashing machine and centrifugal granulator. The rubber roller mill uses a pair of equal-diameter rubber rollers to reverse the rotation at different line speeds. The difference between the line speeds is 2 to 3.2 m/s, and the sum of the line speeds should not exceed 30 m/s. The rice enters between the two rolls and is shelled by the squeeze and tearing action. The machine has a high shelling rate, the surface of the brown rice is smooth, and the broken rice is less, but the brown rice has more bursting waist, the rubber roller has a faster loss, and the cost is slightly higher. The sand disc smashing machine is fixed by the upper and lower round diamond discs, the upper disc is fixed, the lower disc is rotated, and the line speed is 20-25 m/s. The rice is shelled in the two sand discs due to the end-pressure tearing action. The advantage is that the brown rice has less bursting waist, the sand disc is more wear-resistant than the rubber roller, and the processing cost is low; the disadvantage is that the shelling rate is low and the arsenic rice is more. The main working part of the centrifugal granulator is a rotating shovel, which is a fixed impact ring. The rice enters the work area and is accelerated by the slamming disk. It flies to the impact ring by means of centrifugal inertial force, and is shelled due to impact. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and management, low power consumption and low processing cost; only the broken rice is more, and the rice yield is low.

Separation of the chaff: separation is carried out by suction separation of aluminum and a chaff separator using a different suspension speed of the chaff and the valley mixture.

Grain separation: separate the rice and brown rice left by the genomic machine. The basic method is to use the difference between the grain and the brown rice in the mixture in terms of physical properties such as particle size, specific gravity, bulk density, friction coefficient, aerodynamic properties and elasticity. Commonly used equipments include rough sifting screen, roughing flat screen, bucky grain roughing machine, baghole vibrating grain coarse separator and air moving slag roughing machine.