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Operation Method of Rice Mill
- Jul 25, 2017 -

1, the rice mill smoothly on the work table, plug in the power plug. 

2, determine the time of grinding, adjust the timing knob. 

3, remove the hopper in the pressure thallium, take brown rice 17-20g (water content is not more than 15% appropriate) into the hopper, let it into the grinding white indoor. First press the power button to start, then put down the pressure thallium. 

4, to the specified time, the rice mill is automatically stop, first remove the hopper, remove bran skin. Then plug the hopper, and then remove the pressure thallium, turn the front handle to the right to °, the milled white room of the fine rice fell to the hopper, will be timed knob to 0, press the power button to make the grinding wheel idling for several seconds, so that the milled white indoor rice all drop, and then pull out of the rice bucket, after the sieve is measured by the fine rice.