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Milling unit maintenance points
- Dec 01, 2017 -

Milling unit maintenance points

1, lubrication.

Fixed-point lubrication parts of the bearings, the lubricating oil or grease to adequate, clean, lubricating grease quality and grade to meet the requirements; according to the provisions of time (general operation about 3 months) to clean the bearings and oil change; Bearing temperature should be checked Ming reason.

2, check.

(1) All parts of the rice milling room assembly should be smooth and flat, pressure sieve bar and rice knives should be kept flat.

(2) rice contains more bran, it should be shut down for inspection. Milling machine shaft can be pulled out, check the sand roller and rice machine spindle is offset, that sand roller nozzle and the spindle nozzle holes are aligned; Check the spindle nozzle holes fine bran accumulation, leading to the nozzle holes blocked.

(3) After the abrasion of the sand roller, the gap between the sieve and the sand roller increases, and the rice knife needs to be adjusted to compensate; when the abrasion of the sand roller is reduced to 5 to 10 mm in radius, it should be renewed.


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