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Milling unit common fault
- Dec 13, 2017 -

Milling unit common fault

1, rice machine jam, the main reason for the decline in production: feed volume is too large, the outlet pressure is too large or the outlet is too small; outlet is blocked by rice bran, the reason may be belt slip, roller wear or rice knives Wear; raw water is too high or spiral head wear, loose. The company is located in:

2, the rice contains rice, broken rice is too much The main reason: broken rice screen or joint seam is too large; delivery head and sand roller joint uneven sand roller surface is not smooth; rice machine exports poor; rice knife is too thick, the roller The distance with the knives is too small; speed instability. The company is located in:

3, the sudden increase in current sudden drop main reasons: feed inlet break, pressure failure, broken rice screen, broken rice screen bracket; machine into the foreign body or feed is too large; outlet pressure failure, Row of rice bran poor; tube or bran tube obstruction; power phase loss.

4, the decline in body accuracy, uneven white rough main reasons: knife wear; feed is too small or discharge pressure too small.

5, the body vibration, the main bearing hot reasons: shaft or pulley imbalance; anchor bolts loose; bearing excessive oil or lack of oil; lubricating oil is too dirty.

6, there are abnormal odor main reasons: roller loose or broken; machine into the foreign body; bearing and seat damage; belt slip; nut loose.