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Milling machine uses eight notes
- Dec 26, 2017 -

Milling machine uses eight notes

Households should pay attention to the following aspects in the safe use of rice milling machine:

1, the main and auxiliary installation should be safe and reliable, the transmission belt length and tightness should be appropriate, rotating and transmission parts should be protective cover device.

   2, before starting the machine should check the technical status of rice ministries is good, and then close the import flapper, open export flapper.

   3, In normal operation of the rice milling machine, the hopper filled with rice slowly open the export flapper, and observe the rice grain accuracy, broken rice, broken valley meets the requirements. If not, should stop adjusting the outlet flapper or the distance between the rice knives.

   4, in precision, broken rice, broken valley meet the requirements of the situation, try to open a large import flapper until full load.

   5, often clean rice machine export bran, keep the export unblocked.

   6, if you find mixed with rice bran and whole rice fine rice bran, it should immediately check whether the meter sieve leak rice, and take appropriate measures.

   7, the work should always check the belt and screw fastening and bearing temperature, lubrication conditions, found that rice machine running sound abnormalities, should immediately stop checking, shall not be forced to work.

   8, often pay attention to clean rice. Paddy can not be caught within the iron, nails, bricks and other hard objects, should be installed in the feeding barbed wire fence.