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Milling machine principle and the use of precautions
- Dec 22, 2017 -

Milling machine principle and the use of precautions

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With the development of agriculture, grain production, more and more widely used rice milling machine, the market demand, especially the small household rice mills is welcomed by the majority of farmers and friends.

The process of milling mainly rely on an important part, that is, roller, roller can be divided into sand roller and iron roller. As the name implies sand roller is made of emery roller, sand roller rice milling principle is brown rice inside the white cabinets, through the high-speed movement of emery grain edge removal of rice skin has reached the rice milling effect

The principle of rice roller milling is through the rice grains and between the rice and the roller to produce a relative friction between the two, this friction enough to deep into the cortex of rice, resulting in grain along the endosperm surface and produce relative movement, which is Stretching, rupture and endosperm until the separation in order to achieve the effect of rice. It is worth mentioning that due to the internal pressure of iron rice milling machine, the pressure is greater than the pressure capacity of rice, it is easy to produce broken rice, consuming more power.

Milling machine in the process should pay attention to the following points: First, the boot before the preparation, should pay attention to check the mechanical parts are loose, loose if it should be tightened to ensure that all parts compacted for safety, parts damaged Even if replaced, in addition, check whether there are pebbles and other debris inside the rice mill to avoid accidents. Second, connect the power after the boot should allow the rice moth machine idling a few minutes until the machine is stable and then feed for rice milling. In the process of rice milling, check the quality of rice milling, if there is a problem can be adjusted out of flapper, but also can adjust the distance between the knife and grinding heart. Third, if there is wear and tear on the knife without sharp knife, you can use the other side of the flip. Fourth, in the milling process, you can properly increase the flow of rice machine, so you can increase the liquid density of rice grains in order to achieve the effect of grinding white, but also need to be careful not to increase too much, if the flow is too large, Will increase broken rice, white uneven grinding, but also cause rice machine jamming. Five, after the rice is over, should first inserted into the valley bucket plug, making grinding white indoor paddy to ensure that all grilled finished discharge and then cut off the power. Sixth, the use of the machine should be meticulous examination, after six months, the bearings can be removed for cleaning and replacement of butter.