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Milling machine installation, adjustment, operation and maintenance methods
- Dec 14, 2017 -

Milling machine installation, adjustment, operation and maintenance methods


1. Milling machine installation

    Milling machine installation may be required. Do not need to move the machine, it is best installed on the cement base. The size of the base is determined by the power of the rice milling machine. Power rice machine base size larger. If the rice milling machine needs to be moved frequently, the rice milling machine and the power machine can be mounted on the same movable base.

2. Milling machine power matching

    Milling machine power matching must meet two conditions, one power; third speed should meet the requirements. Power is mainly based on rice mill nameplate calibration power to match. Its power is generally 1.2 to 2.3 times the power of rice milling machine, but also to choose the right pulley, the rice milling machine has a suitable speed.

3. Milling machine check before use

    Before use to check whether the safety device is safe and reliable, the connection part of the connection is reliable, the bolt is solid Check the presence or absence of foreign objects in the rice milling chamber, roller rotation is flexible. Check whether the installation of the roller meets the requirements. If it is a rice machine with two rollers, the connection end of the roller should be smooth and the tendons and tendons must be aligned. If the alignment of the rollers can not be aligned, the protruding direction of the tendons should follow the flowing direction of the rice grains. Check the installation of the meter screen. Two screens of rice machine screen lap should follow the meter side has always been a smooth, flat without leaving a gap, the gap between the sieve and roller should be the same. Check the bearing cavity, butter cup of oil and oil content to meet the requirements, if necessary, add or replace the lubricating oil. ? Check the steering of rice milling is correct, confirm the safety and reliability of the normal, you can test idling, if you find the problem, you must promptly resolve.

4 rice machine adjustment

    Milling the number of rice milling, you need a certain amount of pressure, the greater the pressure, the higher the white precision, to grind white, often due to excessive pressure caused by increased broken rice; if the pressure is small, Bran is not net. The best way is to grind white in two or three times, grinding white high precision, less broken rice, a high rate of rice. Roller speed adjustment Roller speed level and the grain in the grinding chamber movement speed and pressure on the rice mill must affect the productivity and quality. Grinding the first time should reduce the speed, increase the pressure; two or three times the pressure should be small, slightly faster speed. When the moisture content of rice is high or when it is silty rice, the speed should be slower. Therefore, the drum speed should be based on product specifications, according to the actual situation to be adjusted. Inlet and outlet gate adjustment ltyJ board opening adjustable flow, control the pressure of the white room, a direct impact on the productivity of rice mills, white precision, export rate and power consumption. Commonly used in the actual production of imported gate control of the appropriate flow, with the export gate to control the pressure of the white chamber to meet certain requirements. Adjusting the length of the rice knife The size of the gap between the rice knife and the mixing tube affects the accuracy of white milling and the rate of broken rice. Therefore, the adjustment of the knife should be with the inlet and outlet opening adjustment with the opening. General first open the gate, adjust the grind white accuracy with the export gate, if you do not meet the requirements and then adjust the rice knife, and then review the opening of the gate to see whether the increase of traffic flow. After adjusting to meet the requirements, the fixed nut tightened, no longer free to change. If the rice sieve is found to be mixed with whole rice grains, it should be checked whether the rice sieve has any leakage phenomenon. If the meter screen improper installation or damage, should be re-installed or repaired, serious damage should be replaced when the new pieces. If not for improper installation and damage caused by the meter screen, you should replace the smaller sieve sieve.

5. Milling machine operation method

    Pre-processing inspection of rice processing requirements of its moisture level should be appropriate, the valley shall not contain iron, stone and other hard objects. Processed varieties of rice should be the same or similar. Feeding and feeding section of the material into the boot, to be normal operation before feeding. Feeding from less to more, gradually increased to the rated load. According to the requirements of grinding white precision, adjust the discharge gate to meet the requirements until the rice, the operation of the adjustment process should pay close attention to the operation of rice milling machines and power machines. Found that there are changes in mill white precision should be promptly adjusted to stabilize the quality of the product. If the rice machine or power machine abnormal noise or other abnormalities, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting can continue to use. Abnormal shutdown In case of a sudden power outage or other reasons, the power supply should be cut off when the rice machine is blocked. Move the belt loosely by hand and turn the rice mill pulley in the positive and negative direction slowly, Discharge, in order to reduce the load when starting again. When the paddy is finished or the job needs to be shut down on the way, the feed gate should be closed first, so that all the grains in the grind chamber will be discharged before turning off the power. Safe operation The operator should tighten cuffs, wear masks and work hats, body parts may not be close to the drive belt or pulley, in order to avoid unsafe accidents.

6. Milling machine maintenance

    Rice knives, rice easy to damage, should pay attention to wear and tear. Milling knife blunt, adjustable head upside down use, serious should be replaced. ? In the work should always check the pulley, the strength of the fastening bolts, if loose, tighten in time. Regular inspection of bearing lubrication, regular addition or replacement of lubricating oil. After processing, should be rice and power machines and other equipment clean up. When not in use for a long time, all the whitened indoor material should be cleared out, close the material gate, so as not to mold the remaining grain in the white room. And Panasonic belt to prevent long-term tension in the belt deformation.