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Milling machine how to improve the quality of rice?
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Milling machine how to improve the quality of rice?

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Whether farmers or consumers, hope rice is complete, white, so how to use the rice machine, in order to get better quality rice? When using rice milling machine, we only pay attention to a few aspects, the grilled rice will be white and complete, greatly improving the quality of rice.

In order to improve the quality of rice milling, the hands of mills in the rice should pay attention to the work of rice milling two major adjustments, one is the adjustment of rice knives. Mainly to adjust the gap between the knives and rolling Jane, if the gap is large, then the white room pressure is small, rice rolling in the friction by the weak, so rice can not be fine grinding, grind out rice is not white, but out The meter rate is higher. Second, import, export knife adjustment. When the import knife open large, smaller exit gate knife, grind white room more grain, the pressure increases, grind out of the beige white, but more than rice; Conversely, if the import knife off small export gate knife open Large, white rice mill deposit less pressure to reduce the grind out of the rice is more rough.

In the grain quality inspection, an indispensable instrument that is the experimental milled machine. Milling machine experiment is the chassis, roller, rice knives, processing bucket, rice sieve and other components. At work, the rice is poured into the hopper to open the entrance knife, and the rice flows into the space for grinding the white room and the drum. Due to the rotation of the drum, the paddy is subjected to great crushing force and friction, causing the chaff to fall off and the chaff to grind and the rice to wipe white. Under the constant rotation of the drum, the rice grains are pushed to the exit through the helical rack on the drum and flow out from the exit knife. The chaff leaks from the rice sieve into the chassis. The LTJM-2099 rice milling machine, also called experimental rice milling machine, has the advantages of high output whiteness, small broken rice, large sampling volume, simple and quick operation, actual rice milling effect, Acquisition and other links essential quality testing equipment.

Farmers like to use experimental rice machine to process complete and white rice. However, some rice milling out of more broken rice, beige is not white. The reason for this is that besides the quality of rice (such as the millet being flooded at harvest time and not dried after harvesting), the main reason is that the rice milling machine is not properly deployed and the export gate and the rice knives are not well equipped and the machineman can not skillfully operate the grind Miji machine caused.

According to the above knife and the import and export of knife adjustment and milling white room pressure and friction relationship, to grind out the whole grain, color white, good quality rice can be adjusted according to the following methods and operations:

1, the gap between the knife and the drum to a moderate gap can not be less than the lateral diameter of the rice, otherwise, the rice is easy to break; gap can not be greater than the longitudinal diameter of the rice, or coarse grain. Therefore, the gap between the knife should be in the vertical and horizontal diameter of the rice to choose. Practice shows that the gap between the knife to a little bevel, that is, slightly closer to the end of the exit knife, so grind out more complete rice.

2, the import and export of knife to cooperate with the general opening of the knife can control the opening of the entire 1/2, up to no more than 2/3. Some of the old machine take away the imported knife, so that all imports are open. Generally do not do this, because all the open, too much grain, white room pressure is too high, turning resistance, such as: If the export knife for a while did not cooperate, the belt will? Slip, or even stuck or damaged the machine. Exit knife to be flexible to grasp, in operation, the knife gap and the entrance knife knife according to the provisions of the opening degree can be adjusted; Fixed, the hand as long as the export operation of the right hand knife, the left hand out of the palm under the outlet termination Rice, see the grain is complete, beige is white. If crushed rice, can open a large outlet knife. If the rice is rough, you can turn off the exit knife. Should be between the two, until the quality of rice milling up to date.