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Milling machine classification
- Dec 15, 2017 -

Milling machine classification

Milling machine - classification

(A) According to the principle of classification

1. Mop off the rice machine

Mopping rice milling machine, also known as pressure rice milling machine, is to rely on the role of strong friction rub brown rice milling white. The main function of milling white rice mill is iron roller rice mill, the smaller models.

2. Grinding rice milling machine

Grinding rice milling machine is mainly used to remove the role of grinding brown rice epidermis, grinding white room pressure is small, the corresponding white room grinding larger, therefore, grinding rice milling machine models are larger, The roller is mostly sand roller.

3 hybrid rice mill

A hybrid rice mill is a rice mill that mills the skin with the combination of both scratch and grind. The roller can be sand roller, but also for iron roller. The pressure in the grinding chamber is between the grinding rice mill and the rice wiping machine, so its model is more moderate, the process effect is better.

(B) according to the installation of roller shaft type classification

1. Vertical rice milling machine

Vertical milling machine spindle for vertical placement, mostly sand roller rice machine, grinding white pressure is small, suitable for processing more crisp silty rice. Vertical rice mills more use of sand roller.

2 horizontal rice mill

The horizontal axis of the horizontal rice mill is horizontal, and the horizontal rice mill is equipped with sand roller, iron roller and sand iron roller.

(C) according to different classification roller material

1. Iron roll rice machine

Iron roller rice mill is an iron roll mill roller, iron roller is cast with white cast iron, requiring good surface quality, wear-resistant.

2. Sand roll rice machine

Sand roller rice mill is a roller for the roller mill rice milling, grinding and milling are mixed-type machine.

3. Sand, iron combined with rice milling machine

Sand, iron roller combined rice mill roller can use sand roller, you can also use iron roller, according to the specific circumstances of the selection.

(D) by jet or not classified

1. Jet rice mill

Air jet rice mills in the process of milling rice into the white chamber into the air flow, air flow involved in grinding operations, help to improve the role of grinding white, improve product quality.

2 does not spray the wind rice machine

Non-jetting rice milling machine is a traditional rice milling machine, it does not have a jet device, so the quality of rice to be worse.