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Milling machine
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Milling machine mainly by a fixed wrench, tighten the nut wrench, brush, the next hopper, wheel, wire brush and other components. Use of mechanical equipment Guangsheng mechanical force of brown rice peeled white, the use of machinery and equipment known as rice milling machine.

When the sample (brown rice) flows into the grinding chamber from the hopper, the brown rice is squeezed in the grinding chamber due to the internal pressure of the thallium and the mechanical force, and the self-phase rubbing and the mutual rubbing between the brown rice and the grinding wheel After leaving, that can quickly remove the brown rice cortex, in the regulation of the time to achieve the white rice measured grade whiteness.

There are three main types of mini rice mills in our country: split rice mills, milled rice mills and jet mills.

Separated rice milling machine easy to operate, the price is lower, but the aging models, milling out of the poor quality of rice, has gradually become obsolete.

Spray-style rice milling machine, with good cost-effective, can be a complete shelling, grinding process, polished white rice finished product, in recent years has become the market mainstream products.



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