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Milling Machine
- Jul 26, 2017 -

The utility model is composed of a casing (1), the hopper (2), the grinding device (3), the Imperial Meter Device (4), the separation device, the transmission device, the power source (7), the rack (11), the chassis (6), the Universal Wheel (9) are composed of ten parts. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design, small volume, light weight, flexible operation, convenience, low power consumption, only civilian voltage, good grinding effect, high efficiency and low cost.


1, a grinding machine, is from the chassis (1), Hopper (2), grinding equipment (3), the Imperial Meter Device (4), separation devices, transmission devices, power sources (7), the frame (11), the chassis (6), the Universal Wheel (9) is composed of ten parts, which are characterized in that: the casing (1) is fixed on the chassis (6), the Hopper (2) and the upper top of the casing (1) respectively. The part, the discharging mouth (13) is fixed, the grinding device (3) is fixed on the rack (1l), The meter device (4) is mounted on the meter end of the grinding device (3) and is fixed with the housing (14) of the grinding device (3), and the blower (8) of the separating device is fixed on the rack (11), and the lower part of the casing (14) of the inlet and the grinding device is connected with a flexible tube, and the cyclone-type chaff (10) is arranged outside the casing (1) and the outlet connection of the flexible pipe and the blower (8) is used, the transmission device is respectively connected with the fan (8) of the separating device, the spindle of the grinding device (12), The power source (7) is connected by a small belt. The power source (7), the frame (11), The Universal Wheel (9) are fixed on the chassis 6 respectively.