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Method and principle of rice milling
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Chemical rice milling: The skin layer is treated with a solvent and an enzyme, and the skin layer is directly or gently removed to obtain white rice. High rice yield, good rice quality, large investment, high cost, solvent source, loss, residue, etc. are not easy to solve.
Mechanical Milling: The brown rice is whitened by relying on the mechanical and physical work generated between the white room components and the rice grains by the rice mill. Generally, it can be divided into three types: rubbing off whitening, grinding and whitening, and mixing and whitening.
Wipe off the whitening: use the friction to separate the brown rice cortex from the endosperm. Pressure, gloss, uniform precision, broken rice, temperature
Milling and whitening: The rice grain layer is milled by means of dense, hard and sharp sand on the surface of a high-speed rotating diamond roll. Coarse grain, roll surface speed, groove.
Mixed whitening: mainly based on grinding and peeling, supplemented by peeling and peeling, comprehensive and universal use.
Working components of rice milling machine: there are feeding mechanism, whitening room, discharging mechanism, transmission mechanism and landline, etc., combined rice milling machine and wiping rice room, rice bran separation mechanism, rice spray fan and air blowing mechanism .