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Making method of rice mill special meter sieve
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Rice Mill dedicated meter sieve, including screen and sieve, the inner hole of the screen is a hexagonal, the characteristics of the screen frame in the direction of the length of each side of the card slot, the end of the card slot closed, card slot installation screen mesh, the end cover is arranged on the end of the sieve frame, and a recess is arranged on the end face of the end cover of the sieve frame, and the concave groove is provided on the tip of the screen. 

The groove is provided with a retaining block which prevents the sieve mesh from slipping along the length of the slot, and the spring that provides the elastic for the retaining block is arranged in the groove. The beneficial effect of the utility model is that the inner hole of the sieve frame is provided with a card groove for installing the screen mesh, the installation and replacement of the sieve mesh is convenient, the slot opening is provided with a block, which can prevent the screen from falling off from the card groove, and the fixed effect is good and convenient.