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Introduction to the process of rice cleaning
- Sep 20, 2018 -

First, clean up

A certain amount of various impurities are mixed in the rice and must be removed first. There are many ways to clean up impurities in rice, mainly by sorting the difference in physical properties between impurities and rice. Generally, according to the impurity of rice, it is cleaned according to the following main processes:

Second, preliminary cleaning

Remove impurities that are easier to remove in rice, such as rice straw and weed seeds with large differences in size and grain. Mainly by screening, wind selection, or combination of wind screens, that is, screening by static or moving sieve surface, or by using the difference in aerodynamic properties such as the suspension speed of rice and impurities, with the removal of Shibuya and Mang A class of light impurities. The cleaning equipment uses a primary screening screen with a metal mesh surface and a self-balancing vibrating screen.

Third, barnyardgrass removal

The hazelnuts in the rice must be removed to avoid affecting the quality of the finished product. Most of the screening, the most effective is the high-speed mites sieve, which uses high-speed vibrating screen surface, according to the size of the grain of the grain, to separate the valley and the glutinous rice. Followed by the sieve, traverse sieve, round sieve and sifting sieve, etc., the wind selection method can also be adopted for the granules. In order to improve the efficiency of removing mites, several mites are used to form a set of raking process with main and auxiliary roads. The main road is used for Shibuya and the secondary road is used for lifting. If the rice gluten content is extremely high, it should be sent to the lower leg finishing process.

Fourth, go to the stone

Except that the particles in the rice are close to the flat shoulder stone and the shoulder mud in the rice, they cannot be removed by the screening method, and a special stone removal process is necessary to effectively remove them. The most widely used stone removal equipment is the specific gravity stone removing machine. The machine is equipped with a reciprocating and sifting sieve plate, and the air flow is introduced from the lower part of the sieve plate, and the grit is separated according to the difference in the specific gravity of the grit and the automatic classification. This machine has high stone removal efficiency, compact structure and small floor space.