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Improve rice milling machine quality
- Nov 29, 2017 -

Improve rice milling machine quality

Peasants like to machine rice milling complete, white rice. However, some milled rice grind more broken, beige is not white, the reason for the quality of the rice itself in addition to problems (such as millet harvest at the time of flooding, after harvest without drying), the main rice milling machine Import and export of knives and knives are not properly deployed, and the hands can not be skilled operation of the rice machine. The company is located in:

1. Milling machine structure principle

Milling machine from the chassis, drum (roller above the helical bar), rice knives, processing bucket, screen and other components. Work, the rice into the hopper to open the import knife, rice into the white room and roller space. Due to the rotation of the drum, the paddy is subjected to great crushing force and friction, causing the chaff to fall off and the chaff to grind and the rice to wipe white. Under the constant rotation of the drum, the rice grains are pushed to the exit through the helical rack on the drum and flow out from the exit knife. The chaff leaks from the rice sieve into the chassis. The company is located in:

2. Adjustment method

Milling machine at work to make two major adjustments, one is the adjustment of the location of the knife, the second is the import and export knife adjustment. Adjusting the knife is mainly to adjust the gap between the knife and the roller. If the gap is large, the pressure in the grinding chamber is small. The friction on the roller is not strong, so the rice can not be finely ground, but the output rate is higher. In the import knife open large, exit knife knife hours, grinding white grains increased, the pressure increases, grind out of beige white, but broken rice and more; the other hand, in the import knife knife off, the export knife to open a large , Save white room less rice, lower the pressure, grind out of the rice is more rough. According to the grinding chamber indoor pressure and friction requirements, to grind out the whole grain, color white, good quality rice, should be adjusted according to the following method of rice knives and drum clearance and import and export of knife opening degree. The company is located in:

(1) The gap between the knife and the roller should be appropriate. The gap can not be less than the lateral diameter of the grain, otherwise, the grain is easily broken; the gap can not be greater than the longitudinal diameter of the grain; otherwise, the grain of the grain is roughened. Knife gap should be in the rice grain vertical and horizontal diameter to choose between. There should be a slight bevel in the gap between the knives, that is, the clearance near one end of the exit knife should be slightly larger so that the rice that is grinded out is more complete. The company is located in:

(2) into the exit knife to be well coordinated. The general opening of the knife can control the opening of the entire 1/2, up to no more than 2/3. Some old fighters will remove the imported knives and make all the imports open. This is not appropriate. Because all the open, too much grain, white room pressure is too large, turning resistance increases, if the export knife can not match the moment, the belt will slippery, and even the machine will be stuck or damaged. At the time of operation, the opening of knife gap and knife should be adjusted as required, and then be fixed. At this moment, as long as the right hand is operating the export knife, the left hand extends out of the outlet to accept the grain, Check the grain is complete, whether the white beige. If crushed rice, can open a large export knife; if the grain rough, can be a small export gate knife. Both should take into account until the quality of rice milling up to date. In order for the rice miner to carry the proper election, to extend the life of the machine, but also pay attention to the following:

(1) pay attention to check the rice in the presence of nails, stones and other debris, so as to avoid such debris into the white cabinets cause clogging or damage to the rice sieve. The company is located in:

(2) should check before opening rice screen, rice knives, roller core, rice canopy, etc. are properly installed, the various parts of the bolts, nuts tightened, there is no lubricant on the bearings. The company is located in:

(3) Turn the spindle (drum) before starting to check for jamming. The company is located in:

(4) boot, the first load to normal operation speed, then pour the grain, and always pay attention to the operation of rice milling machine.

(5) shut down, to clean the brush, keep clean, to prevent rats crawling into the machine to steal food, preferably covered with plastic or cloth body.