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How to improve the quality of rice milling
- Dec 08, 2017 -

How to improve the quality of rice milling

Milling machine work there are two major adjustments, one is the adjustment of rice knives, and second, into the exit knife adjustment. Adjustable knife: The main is to adjust the gap between the knife and the drum, such as the gap, the white room pressure is small, rice in the drum by the friction is weak, so rice can not be fine grinding, but a high rate of rice. Import and export knife adjustment: When the import knife open large, white powder mill room increased, the pressure increases, grind out of the beige white, but broken rice and more; the other hand, such as the import knife switch off the exit knife Large open, white rice mill deposit less pressure to reduce the grind out of the rice is more rough. To grind out the whole grain, color white, good quality rice can be adjusted according to the following methods and operations:

1. The gap between the knife and the drum should be less than the gap between the horizontal width of the rice, otherwise, the rice is easy to break; the gap can not be greater than the longitudinal diameter of the rice; otherwise, the rice is rough. Therefore, the gap should be in the vertical and horizontal grain diameter to choose. Practice shows that there must be a little bevel, that is, slightly larger at the end of the exit gate, so that the rice milled out is more complete.

2. Inlet and outlet knife to be well with the opening of the general import knife can control the opening of the entire 1/2, up to no more than 2/3. Some old fighters take away the imported knives and allow all imports to be open, generally not to do so. Because all open, too much grain, white room too much pressure, rotation resistance, if the exit knife for a while did not cooperate, the belt will slippery, and even the machine will be stuck or damaged. Exit knife to be flexible to grasp, in operation, the gap and the entrance of the knife opening according to the provisions of the regulation, you can be fixed. As long as the hands of the exporter to operate the right hand knife, his left hand out of the palm out of the export of rice tablets, rice is complete, whether the white beige. If crushed rice, can open a large export knife; if the grain rough, can be a small export gate knife. Should be between the two, until the quality of rice milling up to date. In order to make the rice machine work normally and extend its service life, the following matters need to be noticed:

① should pay attention to check whether there is nails rice nails, stones and other debris, so as not to enter the white cabinets caused by clogging or destruction of rice sieve.

② Before starting the machine should check the rice sieve, rice knives, roller core, cover, etc. Are there any damage, whether installed, all parts of the bolts, nuts are tightened, the bearing is lack of oil.

③ Turn the spindle (drum) before starting, check if it is stuck.

④ boot, empty load to normal speed, and then poured into the grain, and always pay attention to milling machine rotation.

⑤ shut down, to clean the brush, keep clean, preferably covered with plastic sheeting as well.