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Grinding Machine
- Jul 25, 2017 -

According to the difference between grinding medium and abrasive material, can be divided into: ball mill, cylindrical grinding machine, rod mill, pipe mill, self grinder, rotary roller mill, vertical mill, multi-layer vertical grinding, vertical roller mill, disc Mill, DMC Mill and so on. In ceramic industry, intermittent ball mill is widely used in production, and its grinding effect can be divided into two parts, one is grinding between grinding body and grinding body and the other is the impact of grinding body falling, in order to improve the grinding efficiency, it is necessary to start from these two aspects. 

Metal ore "more crushing and less grinding" technology and technology is a topic for many years, to reduce the grinding granularity of ball mill, before the ball mill to increase a section of grinding or superfine technology, is the important technological innovation of energy saving and consumption of mining enterprises. The research on grinding mill is one of the key points in the technology of mineral processing engineering. Grinding process is through the grinding machine using energy to squeeze, roll, impact and grind the ore, so that the ore in the useful mineral monomer cleavage (away), conducive to the next stage of the process of election.

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