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Food Processing Machinery Market in China- Packaging Machinery
- Nov 25, 2017 -

The development of grain and oil processing industry and grain packing grain growing demand for packaging machinery. In the field of food production, experts estimate that in 2005 and 2010, respectively, of the processing of food to 220 million tons and 2.6 million tons./ bag of pellets in the bag packaging machine measurement of demand for 100 years, 25kg / bags of semi-automatic and fully automatic powder below the measuring and packing machines for the annual demand of 300 to 500 units. By 2010, the number of grain packaging machinery demand annual growth of 10% of the growth in demand for automatic packaging equipment will be greater than the growth in demand for semi-automatic equipment, the paper packaging will also have certain needs. With the increase domestic oil processing technology, packaging machinery needs oil to improve the grade, the proportion of packaging machinery, refined oil will keep rising. At the same time the way in sales, retail will be gradually replaced by the bottle, so the demand for oil packaging equipment steadily year by year, the level of automation and quality will gradually increase, semi-automatic filling machine of the annual demand for oil is expected to reach 300 ~ 500 Taiwan, the demand for automatic filling equipment will be gradually increased.