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Finished finishing of rice
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Separate the obtained rice and the finished product, and finally obtain the finished rice. The main processes are as follows:

Milling: Using mechanical action. Part (or all) waste layer tissue and rice embryos on the surface of brown rice are ground according to the precision requirements of the finished product. The brown rice is sent into the whitening chamber of the rice milling machine, and the mechanical force of the rice grains is applied by the rotation of the rolling roller, that is, the friction is used for pressure whitening or the cutting force to perform speed milling.

Wipe the rice: agitate and wipe the rice with a rubber strip, a strip of leather, a bristle brush or a iron roller to remove the fine particles adhering to the surface of the rice. Commonly used equipment is vertical and horizontal rice detectors.

Drying rice: Use wind to reduce rice temperature to facilitate rice storage. Commonly used air drying equipment include suction separators, air conditioners, cooling towers and fluidization chutes.

Finished product grading: use screening or selection of such as white rice grading flat sieve, white rice grading sieve, drum selection machine, disc selection machine, etc., sorting out broken rice and scorpion.