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Describe the development goals and directions of food machinery and equipment
- Sep 11, 2018 -

In the past few years, the safety and hygiene requirements of food have been paid more and more attention. The state has greatly strengthened the supervision and management of food quality and safety, and put forward new requirements for food production and processing technology. Food production companies have invested heavily in innovation in production technology. The technical transformation and upgrading of production equipment has improved the level and market competitiveness of China's food industry to a certain extent. High-tech has been widely used in food machinery, and has become a key content to improve the technical content of food machinery; technological innovation has been further strengthened, and it has become an important measure and means for a new round of food machinery technology leap; the threshold of technical barriers will be higher and higher. Become the main form of competition in food machinery technology. It can be seen from these new major changes that the way to obtain the economic benefits of international food machinery is no longer the physical capital of tangible capital such as variety, quantity, scale and performance in the traditional sense. Instead, it is replaced by high-tech, technical standards and technical barriers. The enormous role of intangible capital such as technological innovation, safety and health. This kind of role has become more and more prominent in the process of global economic integration of food machinery and spiritual domain. It has become an important means to protect the economic interests of the country, improve the competitiveness of technology, expand the export of domestic products, and restrict the import of foreign products. The international food machinery market system with intangible capital as the focus of scientific and technological competition is gradually taking shape.