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Complete set rice mill machine
- Sep 19, 2017 -

1.This complete rice mill line is used to process long & short rice ,is an unconventional plant ,

can make both white rice and brown rice .

2.Pre cleaner can remove all the impurities and unfilled grains from raw paddy .

3.De-stoner is used to remove the stones from paddy 

4.Paddy husker is shelling to get brown rice 

5.Husk aspiration could separate the husk from brown rice and unhusked paddy 

6.Paddy separator is used to separate the unhusked paddy from brown rice 

7.Rice whitener will make the brown rice into white rice 

8.Mist rice polisher can make the milled rice much shiner by polishing the exterior of the milled rice

9.Rice grader separate the rice into several classes ,such as head rice ,big broken ,

medium broken and small broken rice.

10.Color sorter is used to pick out the colored broken ,immature and insected grains 

from milled rice .

11.Length grader can separate the broken rice from head rice according to the different 

lengths of rice. 

12.Packing machine packs the finished rice into bags according to different weights