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Complete set of De-Stoner for Rice Milling Process
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Basic Info

Transport Package: Wooden Box
HS Code: 8437800000

Product Description

It is mainly used for removing various foreign objects in grain and oil crops such as rice, sheet, peanut, soybean, rapeseed, sesame, mung bean, adzuki bean and sunflower seed.

Product features

1. One machine has various applications, combines working procedures and simplifies the flow.
2. High output, small power and high foreign object removing efficiency.
3. Compact structure, small space occupation and convenient installation and maintenance.

Completely Rice Processing Equipment adopts advanced technology from China and world. It has several type arrangement: straight line, vertical arrangement, building type, steel structure type. And it can also be designed according to requirement of the owner and conditions of worksite.
From paddy cleaning to rice packing, the operation is automatically controlled. It applies to processing plants in urban and rural areas, farm, grain supply station, and granary and grain shop. It can process first-class rice.
The objective of commercial rice milling is to reduce mechanical stresses and heat buildup in the grain, thereby minimizing grain breakage and producing uniformly polished grain. We offer complete set rice mills from 12-200T/D, these rice mills come with high rice yield and good white rice quality.

Process Flow

Paddy Cleaner → Destoner → Paddy husker → Paddy Separator → Rice Whitener → water polisher → Rice Grader → Color Sorter → Packing