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Classification of food machinery and equipment
- Sep 01, 2018 -

Food processing involves the processing or preservation of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products; separation, intermediate product restructuring and Forming and packaging of products; involving anti-corrosion and sterilization treatment of different types of semi-finished products and finished products. Food processing raw materials and There are many kinds of products, the nature of processing and processing objects is quite different, the specifications of processed products are different, and even some varieties are There are also seasonal and regional characteristics in production. All of these species determine the type of food machinery and equipment. many. Therefore, whether it is equipment selection in food processing applications, or equipment manufacturing and development of new models, there are many different types. It is necessary to systematically classify food processing machinery and equipment.   

  At present, it is mainly classified in two ways: one is classified according to raw materials and product types, and the other is classified according to the operational functions of the equipment.     

Food machinery can be divided into numerous production line equipment by raw material or product classification. E.g. Sugar machine, bean Processing machinery, bakery machinery, dairy machinery, fruit and vegetable processing and preservation machinery, canned food machinery, candy food machinery, brewing machinery, beverage machinery, convenience food machinery, condiments and additives products machinery, cooking machinery.    

According to the function classification of mechanical equipment, it is actually classified according to the unit operation function of the equipment. General food machinery Divided into screening and cleaning machinery, crushing and cutting machinery, mixing machinery, classification and sorting machinery, forming machinery, multi-phase separation machinery, mixing and homogenizing machinery, extrusion and puffing machinery, metering machinery, packaging machinery, conveying machinery, Pumps, heat exchange equipment and containers.     

From the perspective of research, design and production, the above two classification methods have a development in the production of food machinery and equipment. The guiding significance of the decision. Classified by raw materials or products, can be processed through various industrial machinery involved in various food processing The study of internal linkages promotes the development of supporting production lines. Function as a basis for classification, which is beneficial to various unit operations The comparative study of production efficiency and mechanical structure can lead to comprehensive development in terms of technology with partial breakthrough.