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Characteristics of self-grinder
- Jul 26, 2017 -

1, the hollow axle neck is short, the barrel body is short, this can make the material easy to give and easy to classify, shorten the material in the grinding machine retention time, thus the production capacity is high;

2, the end cover and the cylinder body are perpendicular, and is equipped with the double concave-convex wave-like liner (or the reversing liner plate), its function except protects the end cover, can also prevent material segregation phenomenon, that is, the material falls to the crest of a lining plate, can be bounced to the other side, so that it increases with the whereabouts of the material collision opportunities, at the same time to ensure that different pieces of material in the cylinder to do evenly distributed;

3, the cylinder is inlaid with a ding-shaped lining plate, as a lifting plate, its role is to raise the material to a certain height after the fall of its weight, to strengthen the impact of crushing effect;

4, feed through the feed trough into the grinding machine, the material is broken after the fan air flow from the mill, and then into the appropriate grading equipment to be graded, coarse-grained materials in the process of expulsion by virtue of return to the mill in the grinding machine;

5, the barrel of the grinder is very large in diameter, usually about three times times its length.