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Briefly explain the principle of shelling of rubber roller
- Sep 27, 2018 -

The rubber roller glutinous rice machine is mainly used for separating the outer shell and the chaff of the rice, and is one of the main working machines for rice processing. The machine can improve the effect of the glutinous rice process, reduce the consumption, and create more economic benefits for the user. The machine is mainly composed of a hopper feeding device, a head device, a chaff separation chamber, a gear transmission, a frame and the like.

Due to the small rolling distance between the two rubber rollers of the glutinous rice machine, when the rice is dragged into the rolling zone by the two rubber rollers, the rice is squeezed, because the linear speed of the outer circle of the two rubber rollers is different, above the center line of the two rubber rollers (on the upper part of the center line of the two rubber rollers) The rolling zone), the rice and the slow roller at the same speed, the slow roller dragging the rice, the fast roller pushing down, the glutinous rice, if the hardness of the rolling distance and the rubber roller is suitable, when the fast roller pushes the rice, the friction is larger than the chaff When the bonding force and the fast roll have appropriate relative sliding lengths for the rice and the slow rolls, the rice is torn into two-shelled chaff and one brown rice by the hoe, and the rice is unshelled. Simply put, the principle of the rubber roller husking machine to shell the rice is to squeeze the ripper shell.