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Basic knowledge of rice milling Rice
- Aug 28, 2018 -

milling is a process of processing rice into polished rice. Modern rice mills usually have other founders. For example, during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, the soil is a rice mill with small units in the countryside. Among them, the bandit is the name of the milled rice scorpion. Modern rice milling process:

1.Shibuya: Use the "Shibuya machine" to peel off the rice husk, and obtain the light brown crude rice grain called "brown rice". It is impossible to obtain 100% brown rice in this process. The mixture of grain and brown rice is called "grain mixture".

2.Grain separation: The process of sorting out grain and brown rice using a "grain separator".

3.Whitening: Use the "sand roller" (grinding wheel) in the "rice mill" to grind the outer skin of the brown rice, remove the light brown skin layer and germ, and obtain the white rice grains (rice, white rice), and the remaining light brown powder is the "powder powder". .

4.Polishing: Use the "polishing machine" to polish the surface of the white rice and become the process of "fine rice" or "polished rice". 

Milling efficiency Roughness: The whole rice is shelled into brown rice, and the weight of brown rice is percentage of the weight of rice.

Shelling rate: The percentage of brown rice weight as a percentage of the weight of the grain mixture after passing through the grain. 

Whole rice rate: The rice is processed into white rice, and the weight of the whole rice is the percentage of the weight of the rice. 

Broken rice rate: After crushing brown rice into white rice, the weight of broken rice accounts for the percentage of the total weight of white rice.