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2017 Rice Color Sorter machine
- Sep 18, 2017 -

Product Description     

 The monochrome CCD color sorter researched and produced by our company is in leading status in domestic industries, and the color CCD color sorter initiates domestic market. Now the main products of our company include series of rice color sorter, cereals color sorter, tea color sorter, dehydrated vegetables color sorter, and so on, which can meet the color sorter requirements of different customers. What's more, according to our customers' practical requirements, our company would provide the services for full design project, manufacture, installation and debugging, and technique training. For different materials and different color selection requirements we provide efficient solutions. No matter where you are, we are ready!    

 Advantage 1
Adopt the high-performance 5000+pixel CCD camera,
two-sided high-speed acquisition scanning,
combined with specific image analysis software,
it can identify light yellow, spots and other undesirable micro-particles rapidly and accurate.
Modular design, Concise tine,anti-jamming ability,
it is more stable and reliable in operation.
National patent high-speed electromagnetic valve jet, in response to the rapid motion and stability,which begins with an accurate non-performing particles,but also ensures the best carryover.
It is refined and compact in architecture,it is firmly and reliable.
Adopting user-friendly interface,it is easy and flexible in operation
Advantage 2
1. The vibratory feeder can feed materials in uniform flow to ensure high output.
2. The snifting valve was granted a utility model patent in 2006 with the patent number: ZL200620075811.9. The patented high speed snifting valve design and manufacturing technology adopts optimized valve design and special manufacturing technique to ensure quick response, low power consumption and long service life.
3. The touch screen makes the whole machine easy to be controlled.
4. The chutes are made of special alloy materials and molded with precision digital equipment with vacuum surface plating. Therefore, chutes are hard to wear and corrosion resistance. Special chutes will be used for materials with different shapes to ensure high flow speed and volume and easy maintenance.
5. LED lamps display intuitively the working condition of this machine.
6. The below hoopers are special designed to reduce the the amount of waste. 

Advantage 3
Materials available, such as rice:
Rice color sorter: Philippines rice, Thailand rice, polished rice, japonica rice, indica rice, glutinous rice, hybrid rice, brown rice, black rice, golden rice, red rice etc.

Advantage 4
high-capacity CE certification, VSEE logo
The color sorter adopt full color 5000+pixel high performances CCD sensors with the definition up to 0.01mm. Old machines with 2048pixel camera, precision at 0.03mm.
The sorter adopts high quality special industrial lenses designed and manufactured for color detection.
The high speed DSP technology provides the sorter with fast detection and high identification rate.
Master control system adopts ARM high-end embeded processor to enhance and control the speed and color selection precision effectively.
Overall unit adopts intelligent closed-loop control system.
The operation interface adopts industrial grade touch screen and features simple parameter setting and easy operation.
High speed ejector is used to ensure quick response, low power consumption and long service life.
The sorter uses intelligent temperature and air pressure control technology in order to ensure the best operative mode for the whole machine.
Automatic failure alarm and modular construction make the machine easy to be maintained.

Advantage 5
5000+pixel full color CCD sorter is initiated in China by our company. It also takes a leading position all of the world.
vsee CCD sorter takes the first position in China and also has the technological advantages in the industry.
The patented ejector reacts quickly and features low power consumption and long    service life.
The original super-wide chute is specially designed for different materials and greatly increases the work efficiency.
The large-scale integrated DSP technology adopts intelligent modules and is reliable.
The oil-free air compressor or screw type compressor is optical for customer specially more flexible for customers. It is suitable and easy to maintain.
The multi-touch screen provides users with personalized design and easy Operation.

Advantage 6, Main products :
Rice CCD Color Sorter, Grain CCD Color Sorter, Tea CCD Color Sorter, Dehydrated Vegetable CCD Color Sorter, Coffee CCD Color Sorter, Plastic CCD Color Sorter.